King flip-flops on Productivity Commission

[After] allegations of aggressive tactics being adopted by hospitals to pressure patients to use private health insurance to help fund their operations and in turn boost a struggling public system have moved both sides of politics to promise action. Opposition health spokeswoman Catherine King also announced a federal Labor government would take action if elected. […]

Health funds warn they will be on life support without premium relief

Health funds are warning membership rates will plummet to 30 per cent and some insurers will go out of business over the next decade unless urgent action is taken to reduce pressure on premiums and incentives to take cover are restored. Source: Comment: Doesn’t the AFR get it? Socialist Labor wants everyone on the […]

Labor will ‘strongarm’ states into decriminalising abortion

Catherine King spokesman: “We’ve never said decriminalisation will be a condition of hospital funding”. Source: The Guardian [But] Yesterday, Tanya Plibersek yesterday announced Labor would demand state governments ensure abortion services are available in public hospitals when the next funding deal is negotiated. Labor will use its commonwealth funding contribution to strongarm NSW and South […]