Self-diagnosis – another ALP “plan”

According to ALP Policy, “Medicare Urgent Care Clinics…will make it easier for Australian families to see a doctor or a nurse when they have an urgent, but not life threatening, need for care”.
“Why do we need this?”, they ask:
“Many local emergency departments are under significant pressure. This means it can take hours for people to get the help they need – especially for non-life-threatening conditions like some broken bones, wounds, minor burns, scrapes and other illnesses”.

They’re talking about Queensland, Victoria and WA, Labor-run states where “ambulance ramping” is common. Actually emergency services (life-threatening or not) are a State responsibility.

So Labor’s “plan” is to run “non-life threatening” emergency services out of Canberra.
Q. How do you know whether it’s non-life-threatening?
A. Easy. It’s non-life-threatening if it’s not life-threatening.

Seriously? You decide. You decide whether to drive to a “Medicare Urgent Care Clinic” or to the Emergency. Labor will help you to become a Triage nurse. Dr Google is on standby.

Q. What happens if your leg is broken?
Hmmm. (thinking) …. hmmm … (thinking)… Non-life threatening. Urgent but you can’t drive.

Answer: Of course! Dr Google is available 24×7

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