“Making it easier to see a doctor”

Q. Should the government “make it easier to see a doctor”?

Well sure, but like most ALP aspirations it is half-baked. The real goal of a Health policy is to:

“Improve community health”

Will “making it easier to see a doctor” result in “improved Community Health”?
Unlikely because it only addresses the symptoms.

The Labor party has forgotten the Age-old wisdom:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Prevention is achieved through:

  • Diet
  • Daily Exercise
  • Sleep (Job security)
  • Being Positive
  • R&D into Preventive medicine

A economically rational Health manager would analyse the profile of GP visits and the causes of those visits and then reduce the visits through preventive measures. A GP visit is in a sense an “error” in your health and by improving your health would remove the necessity for a GP visit. According to the RACGP[1], people in South-West Sydney saw their GP nearly 8 times a year on average. From the Chart[2], half of all Australians saw a GP 3 times or less. It follows that the other half, saw a GP more than 12 times a year!

And the ALP wants to make it easier?


  1. “Australians are visiting their GP more and more” – RACGP
  2. “Frequent GP attenders and their use of health services in 2012–13” – AIHW
  3. “Making it easier to see a doctor” – ALP

This literally shows the consequence of too much government: Unintended consequences

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