Budget cash splash- what’s in it for Geelong?

Deputy Opposition Leader and Labor Member for Corio, Richard Marles said there was nothing to help Deakin University as it struggles to emerge from the pandemic. “Deakin University has been going through enormous difficulties with COVID-19”, he said. “Hundreds of jobs have been lost (and) there’s really nothing in the budget to really help Deakin in this moment”.

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Typical Labor response: the ALP always thinks spending is a solution.

The solution to Deakin’s problem doesn’t require any spending:

Open the border to International students:

  1. Students must pass a Corona test before flying
  2. Students would then quarantine in a University residence
  3. After quarantine, they start the semester as usual.

“Hundreds of jobs” would be saved – for no cost – the University bears the cost of quarantine.

How about it, Mr Morrison?

Source: Budget cash splash- what’s in it for us? – bay 93.9 Geelong

Picture: https://www.diplomates.show/richard-marles/


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