Power to the Penguins(humans have to wait)

Solar Panels Powering Penguin Parade Visitor Centre

A new $58.2 million visitor centre on Victoria’s Phillip Island featuring a large-scale solar panel installation was officially opened last week by Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio. The 200kW system was installed by Gippsland Solar, which says 666 Trina Solar panels (so 300 watts each) and Fronius solar inverters were used for the project.

A system of that size installed on Phillip Island should generate somewhere in the region of 272,500 kilowatt hours of ‘clean’ electricity a year.

The solar power system didn’t rate a mention in the Victorian Government’s press release about the opening [despite] a system of this size on such a unique rooftop [being] newsworthy.

[But] at the same time Andrews and D’Ambrosio (who is also Minister for Solar Homes) were caught up in their own penguin-related parade, hundreds were rallying on the steps of State Parliament, protesting the impact of the botched Solar Homes solar power rebate…

Source: Solar Quotes Blog

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