Backbench Labor MP calls for ‘fake news armistice’

Labor MP Ed Husic calls on parties to sign fake news ‘armistice’ after ‘death tax’ rumours

Husic: “We already complained through this election about the so-called ‘death taxes'”.

“On top of that, there are a number of us who will be tracking down the material that misrepresented our women’s health policy – targeting the issue of abortion”.

Source: SMH

Mr Husic didn’t specify details of the supposed ‘misrepresentation’ about Labor’s abortion policy.

Maybe he should look no further than his own party:

  • In one report (from CathNews), Tanya Plibersek as Deputy Leader said that

    “Labor would demand state governments ensure abortion services are available in public hospitals when the next funding deal is negotiated. Labor will use its commonwealth funding contribution to strongarm NSW and South Australia into decriminalising abortion, while also pressuring for the service to be available in more public hospitals across the nation”

  • In another report (from The Guardian), Catherine King’s spokesperson claimed

    “We’ve never said decriminalisation will be a condition of hospital funding”

Denials are frequently issued by a ‘spokesperson’ and later the politician can ‘truthfully’ claim that he/she never said that…

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