Victoria’s energy Delusion

Australia’s largest solar and battery farm opens in Kerang, improves energy security

The 50-megawatt battery system just outside of Kerang stores 100 per cent renewable energy and feeds directly into the state’s electricity grid. It [has] the capacity to power 16,000 homes.

Victoria’s Energy Minister, Lily D’Ambrosio, said it was a huge step towards the government’s renewable energy target of 50 per cent by 2030. ‘It’s producing clean, renewable energy from a really important natural resource that exists in north-western Victoria, and that is the sun’, Ms D’Ambrosio said.

Source: ABC News

Reality check:

  1. 16,000 might sound like a large number to , but it is LESS THAN ONE PER CENT of the 2.5m homes in Victoria.
  2. Ms. D’Ambrosio’s “huge step” of 50 MW is less than 1% of Victorian electricity demand at this time, which is 5057 MW (see picture).
  3. The sun shines in many places on earth, not just North-Western Victoria and it also shone 15-50 million years ago during the Carboniferous era, when Victoria’s brown coal was formed.

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  1. The promise of cheap electricity to fuel economic growth has driven this expansion. Coal generates nearly 40% of the world’s electricity, close to its highest share in decades. And there are now 78 countries using coal power, up from 66 in 2000. Another 16 plan to join the club, notably Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

    It’s hard to believe that we’re just shy of ten years since contents of the so-called “Climategate” folder revealed the fraudulence of the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) scare. Yet, somehow, Climate Alarmists continue to behave as though it was all an innocent misunderstanding; that all evidence of lying, cheating, and exaggeration aside, anyone who doubts the self-serving drivel alarmists have been pushing is a “denier.”
    And yet it is they, the climate hucksters, who continue to refuse any honest debate on the subject, resorting instead to the same worn out tactics of the pre-Climategate era: false claims of a “consensus” and demonization of dissenting opinions and facts. Those of you who have been paying attention know that you can fertilize your lawn with claims of “consensus.”
    At a time when the realists’ science is the sounder by far; when alarmists’ dire warnings of imminent disaster have been exposed as the exaggerated globaloney they are; when energy experts have analyzed and cast serious doubt on alarmists’ renewable energy proposals, how can those taking a rational position possibly be called the “deniers”?

  3. Victoria has become the third world …stick your solar panels up your arse recking our beautiful country side for your crap wind farms …

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