Productivity back on track?

Top government adviser lists reforms needed to kickstart economy

On health, Mr Brennan suggested an overhaul of the way doctors are paid to encourage better management of chronic diseases.”[Health care] is now one of our largest industries. It remains quite fragmented and there is scope for reform to ensure that we have a much more patient-centred, integrated health care system.”

Source: Top government adviser lists reforms needed to kickstart economy

Brennan was appointed by Morrison in July 2018:

Scott Morrison names Michael Brennan as Productivity Commission head

July 2018: Treasurer Scott Morrison appointed Michael Brennan to be the chief of the Productivity Commission replacing Peter Harris. Morrison said Brennan was unanimously chosen after a full merit-based selection process to become the new head of the government’s key advisory body on micro-economic policy and regulation.

Source: The Australian

Prior to the election, Shadow Health Minister Catherine King, announced a ‘Health Reform Commission’ to ‘safeguard Medicare’. It was obvious to many that she intended to disregard the Productivity Commission recommendations and create a more resources-centric strategy. This would have been a massive backward step in an industry where improvements are driven by innovation and technology.

Labor pledges new Health Reform Commission to ‘safeguard Medicare’

Source:, Feb 2019

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