Andrews hands control of CFA to union

“Daniel Andrews is handing his United Firefighters Union mates near total control of who the CFA can employ to support and train volunteers. The premier and his Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville have used their majority to ram a bill through Parliament’s Lower House by tomorrow night that strips the CFA of its paid staff and merges them with the MFB to form a new service ‘Fire Rescue Victoria’. Many of these staff, who train and support volunteers, would then be seconded back to the CFA, but be subject to a new enterprise bargaining agreement that gives the United Firefighters Union enormous control of recruitment and resources.

The explanatory Memorandum to the Bill states: “The CFA will no longer employ or engage career firefighters or any other paid staff to engage in firefighting duties, save for Chief Officers, Deputy Chief Officers and Fire Rescue Victoria employees”.

Source: The Weekly Times

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  1. WTF. Venue Zelda is near. Dan you are a total waste of space. You have allowed your union mates to destroy such a wonderful community service. My Father (Italian Immigrant 1950) when we lived our farm was proud to be a volunteer for others. He saw that as a noble duty to repay what Australians had given him and will be looking down in disgust.

    1. Yep, they cant replace the roof on the Vic roads head office in Kew that collapsed 6 weeks ago. No money!

  2. The Victorian. C.F.A. should fight this with all their might, harass their local MP. With all they have. THE VICTORIAN PREMIER HAS COMMUNISTIC IDEALS. Only C.F.A. members have the accumulated knowledge and training to encounter the grave bushfires that occur in Victoria and should be able to have the final say on who they are employing to continue this wonderful service , not some idiotic union executive that would know diddley sqat about the organisation.

    1. Unfortunately Vicki this was done at the election a few years ago and I would thought he would have got thrown out at the most recent election. They say there will be no change to the volunteers so if that’s the case it will be business as usual for the Vols. But we will what and see.

  3. Your article on the Firefighters Union is interesting. It would pay you to look at the legality of the Victorian Governments legislation as per lawful notice of seizure of documents of the Three Tiers of Federal Govt. under the Authority of Clause 61 of the Magna Carta. Signed the 7th Jan. 2019. Also application to the House of Lords, England to seek remedy for and on behalf of the people of the Commonwealth of Australia as established under clause 8 of the Commonwealth Constitution act 1900 UK and the Constitution 1901 as accepted by referendum by the people as our lawful constitution.
    There is another paper titled Political Parties Wilful Treason of our Constitution.

  4. 20 years in the CFA and right now I just feel like throwing it in. Furious that 34,000 volunteers have been screwed over by a government kowtowing to a union. The ONLY reason I have not resigned is an obligation to still get our tanker out the door. Not sure if the federal government can intervene again. Otherwise, f*** the Andrews government and the CFA.

  5. Congratulations Mr Andrews you have done it again ya woftam not much more you can stuff in the state of Victoria

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