Labor votes against public child sex offender register

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government has denied parents the ability to identify child sex offenders living in their neighbourhood.

The LNP tonight called for Labor to support its plan for major child-safety reforms, which would have also empowered parents to check the background of anyone who has regular unsupervised access to their children.

‘Ignoring tougher, responsible laws that would protect children from serial violent pedophiles shows the Palaszczuk Government can’t be trusted to protect kids’.

Pedophile Robert John “Fardon, was released into the community without even a GPS tracker thanks to the Palaszczuk Government”.

“Even worse, he was originally housed in the same street as a local primary school and next to a kindergarten in Salisbury”.

“Parents deserve to know if an offender like Fardon is living in their neighbourhood”.

Source: Deb Frecklington

LNP’s child safety reforms scrapped by Labor

Protecting our children is more important than protecting the anonymity of paedophiles. This week, Labor voted against the LNP plan and has failed to protect the community [and thus] the Palaszczuk Labor Government has denied parents the ability to identify child sex offenders living in their neighbourhood.

Source: Fiona Simpson MP

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  1. If this is true, Labour may as well disband. Any party who does not put the safety of children paramount, instead of protecting paedophiles deserves to dissolve into dust.

  2. I thought that this was passed by the Federal Government and if that is the case then the Premier has no say because Federal regulations should cover the whole of of Australia.
    Get rid of her and Tradd to start with.
    This really doesn’t surprise anyone in Queensland they can’t even get the crime right and don’t want to listen.
    Interesting election coming up thought they would have learnt a lesson from the Federal election.

  3. every normal human demands the right to protect their children from any perverts that are everywhere.

  4. I really hope Queenslanders have a long memory and will vote accordingly. It wouldn’t matter what the lnp say or do no self respecting decent person could possibly vote for the trad, also known as the Palaszczuk government after this. If you support this labor government you wouldn’t be able to look your children in the eye again

  5. The question to be answered is why are those that are responsible for the housing of these knuckles on the ground low life’s when they get out of jail placing them near schools and child care centres. They know who and why they are placing people and it simply has to be deliberate, I can think of now other reason, I simply can’t.

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