Albanese and the ‘rape joke’ candidate

Labor leader Anthony Albanese forced to reject romance rumours

“Newly elected Labor leader Anthony Albanese …”

Whoah! Let’s start that again – he wasn’t elected.

“Newly appointed Labor leader Anthony Albanese says he’s ‘just mates, nothing more’ with a party official. He quashed rumours [attempted to, anyway][that] he had ‘stepped out’ with a new woman at an event in Melbourne last month. The young woman was most recently running a campaign for a candidate at the federal election. The pair attended a Politics in the Pub event at the Stomping Ground Beer Hall in Collingwood last month”.

Source: Brinkwire

Turns out that the candidate whose campaign manager Albo was ‘mates’ with was Luke Creasey.

Remember him?

Creasey was Labor’s ‘rape joke’ candidate, forced to stand down for “sharing porn and rape memes and insulting working class voters on Facebook in 2012”.

Bill Shorten stands by ‘rape joke’ Labor candidate


Labor candidate, 29, resigns over Facebook posts about a group of men ‘roughly taking’ a woman’s virginity – after Bill Shorten earlier backed him

“At a press conference in Macnamara, Victoria Mr Shorten implied Mr Creasey was too young to be held responsible for the posts”.

Source: Daily Mail

Well, where have we heard THAT before?

Speaking of mates and mateship, we consulted the Urban dictionary because it seemed most appropriate for someone who represents inner-city Marrickville:

  1. A friend or companion.
  2. A sexual partner.

Source: Urban Dictionary

Yesterday, Albanese was reported as saying:

“We all have a role in tackling violence against women”

“Australia must do much better to grapple with domestic violence, Anthony Albanese believes. The new federal Labor leader says ‘bringing together experts and people affected by violence from across the nation could be a good starting point’. ‘The idea of having a national summit is a constructive one and a good one’, Mr Albanese told Seven’s Sunrise on Tuesday. ‘It’s one in which we can bring together experts to just talk about a way forward, to listen not just to women but also to men about how this is occurring'”.

‘It’s just an outrage that women don’t feel safe at night’, he said.

‘We must do much better as a society that has a role to lead, but we all have a role’.

Mr Albanese’s comments come after Melbourne woman Courtney Herron was killed on the weekend, with a man charged over the murder.


All true but what does it have to do with a case where both the alleged perpetrator and the victim were homeless which occurred in a public park?

The implication that this alleged perpetrator represents ‘men’s attitudes’ should be offensive to Australians.

Homeless man accused of bashing Courtney Herron, 25, to death in Melbourne park

“The 27-year-old man charged with the murder of a young homeless woman over the weekend has a ‘possible delusional disorder’ and ADHD, a court heard. Hammond, who is also homeless, is accused of killing Courtney Herron, 25. The young woman’s body was found by dog walkers in a park about 9.30am on Saturday”.

Source: Daily Mail Online

If Albanese wants to solve the problem of “men’s attitudes” he and the Labor party shouldn’t select candidates who post rape jokes online and they should act swiftly (not drag their heels and make excuses like Shorten did) to sack such candidates.

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