Tax and Destroy

Richard Marles set to become Labor’s deputy leader
Photo: AAP via Indaily

Labor MPs insist Marles has been the natural candidate for deputy all along. ‘He takes things seriously that are important, even if they’re not glamorous’.

In February, Marles declared that the collapse of the global market for thermal coal was ‘at one level … a good thing’ because it implied the world was acting on climate change. On Saturday, two Queensland Labor state MPs attacked Marles’s candidacy on the basis of his comments, accusing him of being anti-jobs.

Source: SMH

Opposition defence spokesman Richard Marles that it was a ‘good thing’ if the coal industry was in decline.

Mr Canavan attacked Labor over the comments:
‘Richard Marles is hopelessly wrong. He said that global thermal coal markets were ‘collapsing’. Last year, there was a record amount of coal-fired power generated across the globe, coal is now our biggest export again and coal prices are near record highs – helping to support the budget’

Source: SMH

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