Lesson for Labor: “Thou shalt not ignore”

Bowen: ‘religious people being left behind’

In western Sydney, there were sizeable swings against Labor in traditionally safe Labor seats from electorates that also saw a high No votes in the marriage equality plebiscite. Bowen made comments about religious people being ‘left behind’.

He said: “People of faith no longer feel that progressive politics cares about them. These are people with a social conscience who want to be included in the progressive movement”.

Source: MSN.com

Interesting theory but probably false. The alternative party also supports Same-sex marriage. The Liberals promised a plebiscite and actually made it law – unlike Labor which didn’t.

Labor policies are fundamentally at odds with religion:

  • Labor had a policy to force states into legalising late-term abortion. Thou shalt not murder is the 6th commandment.
  • Labor didn’t support the freedom of schools to hire whom they pleased.
  • Labor also pledged to extend 15c to religion, which would most likely have had the opposite effect
  • Labor wanted to implement so-called ‘safe schools’ nationwide.
  • Labor’s core philosophy of ‘wealth distribution’ is a way of institutionalising theft from hard-working people.
  • Marxism and religion are fundamentally opposites because Marxism is founded in atheism and has shaky moral foundations.

Swings against Labor:

  • McMahon (Bowen), swing against Labor: 5.6%
  • Chifley (Ed Husic), swing against Labor: 6.7%
  • Blaxland (Jason Clare), swing against Labor: 4.2%
  • Werriwa: 2.3% swing against Labor
  • Fowler: 3.1% swing against Labor
  • Macquarie: 2.3% swing against Labor
  • NSW overall: only a 0.5% swing against Labor

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