Karma sucks

Last Friday…

“Bill Shorten ‘confident’ of Labor win”

‘I am confident Labor will win tomorrow …’

‘I am aiming for a majority government, …’

Shorten made the comments after he laid flowers on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, in a tribute to Bob Hawke – the late Labor PM that Mr Shorten calls his ‘inspiration’ and ‘friend’.

Source: The West Australian

Once again, leveraging Hawke’s passing for politics. Ugh!

Bob Hawke was a unifying PM. Hawke and Keating had a positive plan to build the nation’s personal savings to ensure that retirees didn’t become a burden on the state and younger generations. Shorten swept that aside and attempted to rob people of their nest eggs and savings.

Why did Hawke and Keating renege on their own wisdom and endorse Shorten? To support the tribe? In the case of Hawke, we will never know.

Australian voters, Gaia or karma intervened – now we can all breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the Autumn sunshine. Cheers!

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