Shorten’s foreign affairs an embarassment

Bill Shorten wants Julie Bishop in ‘a high profile job’

‘She’s served this country well’, he says.

‘I haven’t always agreed with everything she’s said but I will always rate her very highly for when the plane of Australians was shot down over eastern Ukraine’.

283 passengers and 15 crew were killed. The crew and 43 passengers were Malaysian. 193 (68%) passengers were Dutch. The rest of the passengers were from 7 other countries, Belgium (4), Canada(1), Germany(4), Indonesia(12), New Zealand(1), Philippines(3) and the UK(10).

‘I hope that if I was seeing Vladimir Putin, the way she stood up to the Russians, I hope that in the same circumstances I would behave like her’.

High praise, and well deserved.

Source: The West Australian

The sad fact is that Shorten’s team has no diplomatic talent:

  1. The Shadow Foreign Minister, Penny Wong refused to shake Simon Birmingham’s hand – after a debate
  2. Bill Shorten once described Donald Trump as ‘Barking Mad’
  3. Tanya Plibersek thought that Africa was a country.
  4. Labor’s drama queen, Kevin Rudd gives silly talks about ‘inevitable conflict’ between China and the US, describing it as ‘a new and dangerous phase’.
  5. Labor’s other drama queen, Paul Keating wants to sack our intelligence personnel
  6. Dastyari had to be Roto-rootered out of the Senate. How many times did he resign?
  7. The mere mention of Bob Carr’s name in connection with China-influence cause Wong to be triggered into refusing to shake Birmingham’s hand. What’s going on?


June 2011, Miaow!

The comment was immediately seized on by Ms Wong’s Labor colleagues as an example of misogyny among the members of the opposition [then the Coalition].

Source: Telegraph

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  1. I expect one of Labors first acts will be to further destroy freedom of speech.They have a huge following through their BS on climate change gave them platform ,through Socialism,to stifle any further word that is against their socialist doctrine. People have become sheeples and it seems easy led.Labor will call dissidents white supremacists and unfortunately the sheeples will say and do nothing.Socialism is totalitarianism this you will see with Labor

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