In Victoria, you have to save yourself from Home Invaders – the cops are too busy stopping a protest against Shorten

Bill Shorten says Labor team didn’t call police as AUWU protestors moved on

AUWU (Australian Unemployed Workers Union) people campaigning outside Bill Shorten’s Melbourne office have condemned the ‘over the top’ reaction of police officers who arrived in minutes and ordered them to move on.

Source: SMH

“Just be compliant during a home invasion” say Victoria Police

May 2017: Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana, speaking on the Today Show, to address the growing public reaction to the violent crime problem in Victoria.

“Just make sure your premises is secure overnight and if they do come into your house, don’t get into confrontation with them. Just be compliant. If they want to take a car or property, just let them take it. You know, if you get yourself involved in confrontation you could get hurt. These are really cowardly young people breaking in and best to avoid any confrontation with them”.

Source: Firearm Owners United

Why Victoria Police needs to act on ‘gang violence’

Ashton said the “traditional” label of a ‘gang’ might confuse Victorians and make them think of people in leather jackets, such as the New York street gangs of West Side Story.

The aversion to the word ‘gang’ is widespread among the upper echelons of the force. After police arrested 14 members of a youth gang last month, in relation to armed carjackings and aggravated robberies, they were at pains to point out that they were not a gang but ‘a collective group of individuals who know each other’.

Source: Herald Sun

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