Climate Change: Labor’s Blondes have got their heads around it

Keneally says she does not condone the action of Greenpeace protestors who abseiled from the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Tuesday, but understands their frustration over ‘climate inaction’.

Keneally said on Sky News [that] the Coalition government ‘has been in chaos over climate change and what to do about it’, and says ‘right now people want a government that takes the issue seriously’. She says climate change is ‘one of the biggest issues confronting the planet and humanity’, and this government cannot get their heads around it or come up with a solution’.

Source: The Advertiser

Senate estimates, October 2018:

Even if Australia de-industrialised, it would have little impact on global climate.

Senator MacDonald: If we reduce the world’s carbon emissions by 1.3%, what impact would that have on the changing climate of the world?

Chief Scientist, Dr Finkel: Virtually nothing.

Tanya Plibersek, in a Radio interview with Alan Jones

JONES: …what is causing climate change, is it carbon dioxide?
PLIBERSEK: Yes. Carbon dioxide pollution is a major contributor to –[Jones interrupts]
JONES: OK, so can I ask you, this is not a trick question, what percentage of the earth’s air is carbon dioxide?
PLIBERSEK: Oh I don’t know, I don’t know off the top of my head

Got that? She once said that the Central Coast will be ‘inundated’. She has policies that will destroy manufacturing in Australia, destroy what’s left of our national competitive advantage in energy and cause the loss of an estimated 336,000 jobs (Fisher report) and create liabilities costing $100s of Billions but she can’t say how much CO2 there is in the atmosphere.

The answer is 405 ppm, or 0.04%, which is ‘growing’ at 2.4ppm per annum. Historically, the earth’s CO2 has ranged from 150ppm (which is barely life-sustaining) to 7000 ppm.

Australia’s contribution is 1.3% of man-made CO2, which is 4% of the CO2 emitted by natural processes, or 0.06% of the total ‘carbon’ emissions. If Labor destroys ALL of our industry, ALL of our Agriculture, ALL energy production and we cease using any form of transport, we will reduce the earth’s carbon emissions by 0.06%, i.e. ‘Virtually nothing’.


  1. Keneally claims that the Coalition hasn’t ‘got their head around climate change’.
  2. According to the Chief Scientist, if Australia was completely de-industrialised, the one-off contribution to reduction of global CO2 emissions would be ‘virtually nothing’. We calculated ‘virtually nothing’  to be 0.06%. Since emissions are GROWING at 0.04% (over 1600 power stations are under construction globally), Australia’s total self-destruction would delay the growth of emissions by only 18 months.
  3. Labor refuses to cost the policies which will inevitably destroy what remains of our industry.

If anyone can ‘get their head around’ Labor’s Climate Change policy, they are either insane or just blonde.

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