You can still vote for Lizard man

As the AEC points out, if a candidate jumps or gets pushed from their party after the close of nominations, their name and the party‚Äôs stay on the ballot. [According to] the AEC: ‘The ballot paper is still valid even if the candidate has resigned from the political party or been disendorsed by a political party and you must follow the instructions on the ballot paper. The votes cast for resigned or disendorsed candidates will still be counted for these candidates and should they win, they will be entitled to sit in parliament’.

Source: The Australian

Enter stage left, Wayne Kurnoth…

Bill Shorten claimed he had never met Wayne Kurnoth
Shorten and Kurnoth at the 2018 ALP National conference

Mr Kurnoth, a United Voice unionist, … shared an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that claimed the world was being run by a secret society of Jewish shape-shifting lizards on his Facebook page in 2015. Mr Shorten claimed he had never met Mr Kurnoth, …

Source: The West Australian

Labor candidate sacked over ‘stupid’ memes

29 April: “Labor has dumped one of its NT candidates over a series of questionable social media posts. Wayne Kurnoth was already under pressure after being caught posting an image of Malcolm Turnbull beheading ABC journalist Emma Alberici, and making offensive remarks about former MP Natasha Griggs. The final straw broke on Monday, after it emerged he had been peddling conspiracy theories about the Rothschild banking family controlling the world. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten confirmed Mr Kurnoth would be dropped, despite resisting pressure to disendorse him last week.


So he wasn’t dropped after a highly offensive post about Turnbull and Alberici, and he wasn’t dropped after the offensive remarks about Natasha Griggs but he only gets dumped when he makes the ALP itself look stupid.

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