Will your kids be safe at school?

In 2016, Bill Shorten vowed to fund ‘Safe Schools’

May 28, 2016: “Mr Shorten has pledged that if he becomes Prime Minister he will continue funding for Ms Ward’s program which teaches children as young as four that their gender is fluid and encourages schools to allow boys identifying as girls to use the girls’ toilets and change rooms. Ms Ward, a self-avowed Marxist who believes in deconstructing gender norms, posted on Facebook that the Australian flag was ‘racist’.

‘Parents are still largely unaware that this program encourages teachers to stop using ‘he’ or ‘she’ in the classroom and encourages age-inappropriate role playing in the classroom exploring homosexual relationships’.

The ‘Safe Schools Coalition of Australia National Steering Group’ has people on it from the Minus 18 organisation which provides information to girls on how to bind their chest so their breasts are suppressed and boys on how to tuck their genitals so they can look like girls.

‘With Bill Shorten vowing to fund ‘Safe Schools’ if he becomes Prime Minister, Australian parents and grandparents should carefully consider their vote at the election’, Mr Shelton said.

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher, via XYZ
Keeping kids safe from schools

“…the regressive hand of perversion, yielded by the pinko parasitic media (i.e. their ABC, SBS, The Age, Green Left Weekly, Red Flag, Crikey, New Matilda and so on), have inculcated Australia’s sycophantic population into supporting ‘heteronormative neutering’ in schools. The innocuously titled ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ seeks to change schools into places that are;


Apparently the way you accomplish this is by teaching kids queer newspeak (such as refraining from using the words ‘him’ and ‘her’), gender role-play, breast-binding, penis-tucking and cross dressing.

Source: XYZ

Treatment for gender dysphoria in children: the new legal, ethical and clinical landscape

Treatment of children with gender dysphoria is given in two stages. Stage 1 treatment involves the provision of puberty blocking medication, and stage 2 comprises cross-sex hormone treatment. [Recently,] courts have drawn a distinction between the two stages of treatment, permitting parents to consent to stage 1 treatment. In addition, it has been held that a child who is determined by a court to be Gillick competent can consent to stage 2 treatment.

A Gillick-competent child is one who is found to possess sufficient understanding and intelligence to enable her or him to understand fully what is proposed.

Source: The Medical Journal of Australia

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