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Tanya Plibersek defends Labor attacks on Peter Dutton

Although Plibersek was reminded that SHE HERSELF had said ‘We need to be more uplifting and less negative’ in debates, she joined Labor’s vicious Tribal attack by defending Keating’s nasty outburst:

‘The last six years, he consistently undermined Malcolm Turnbull’, she told Today. ‘He brought on the leadership instability, he ran for leadership instability, he ran for leader, wasn’t selected by his colleagues to become leader’. ‘He was voted by doctors as the worst Health Minister in living memory. He joked about climate change and the effect on neighbours in the Pacific.

Source: 9 News

Even if that were true, what business is it of Plibersek’s?

Hypocrisy from Penny Wong, April 30 (The Australian):

“We always anticipated this election would be tight. We always anticipated we’d see a dirty campaign from the Liberals”.

Wong refused to shake Simon Birmingham’s hand after a debate:
Penny Wong, 8 May (ABC News):

Labor Senator Penny Wong refuses to shake Simon Birmingham’s hand after uses Paul Keating’s comments on China to attack Labor’s foreign policy.

Bill Shorten, attacking Morrison’s faith, Today (Sky News Australia):

‘I can’t believe the prime minister has not immediately said that gay people will not go to hell’.

Plibersek, Shorten and Wong at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre in Melbourne

Marles, Today (The Weekly Times):

The Shadow Defence Minister accused Mr Morrison of ‘balking’ at the question, saying it was ‘obvious’ he was ‘clearly uncomfortable’ by the topic [of religious beliefs]. The Prime Minister urged his opponents against using religion as a political weapon in the election campaign.

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  1. Labor doesn’t have a mortgage on those descriptions. LNP supporters have been as bad.
    The issue may be, who used them most. In my opinion it doesn’t matter much because it is unedifying to both sides.

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