Keating’s “death stake” for Dutton

At the Labor campaign launch where a bunch of ex-PMs ‘buried the hatchet’, Keating emerged with the knives sharpened for ASIO. Now he’s suggesting that voters ‘drive a stake through Dutton’s dark heart’.

Keating urges voters to ‘drive a political stake through’ Dutton’s ‘dark heart’

‘In those 50 years I’ve never seen any public figure as mean or as mean spirited as Peter Dutton’ … voters have a chance to ‘drive a political stake through his dark political heart’.

Source: ABC News

Peter Dutton’s reply…

Paul Keating almost destroyed my Dad’s small business with his heartless mismanagement of the economy & he inspired me to join the Liberal Party.

It’s why I’m so passionate about not letting Bill Shorten repeat history & drive a stake through the hearts of small businesses around the country with his higher taxes.

Last week, he accused security agencies including ASIO and ASIS of running Australia’s foreign policy and called for Mr Shorten to ‘clean them out’ if he wins the election. ‘The nutters are in charge’, Mr Keating told the ABC after Labor’s campaign launch.

Source: ABC News

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  1. Keating reveals his partisan attitude to immigration.

    Where was he, silent I think, when there were over 1,000 deaths at sea, only because his Labor people Rudd and Gillard opened our borders to people smugglers. Those people smugglers made money on sending people on unseaworthy boats, for huge amounts of money to Australia, on the reliable belief that soft Labor, and the Greens, would take all comers.

    So Keating is silent on the deaths at sea of men, women and children, while he belatedly attacks Minister Dutton for doing the jobs that the people of Australia wanted all along – to protect our borders, not allow people into Australia without our approval, maintaining a system of holding those who come to Australia, and deporting those who should not be allowed into Australia, along with those who commit criminal acts while here.

    Keating damaged Australia economically while Treasurer and Prime Minister. He made us an international laughing stock with his “banana republic” remark, maintained high interest rates that hurt individuals and business (including our family, paying interest rates of between 19% and 21% on a housing loan, just about the time we decided one of us would stay at home for our young, growing family; we had to sell our newly restored and renovated Queenslander, one income didn’t seem enough).

    Paul Keating is not a credible person to speak for Labor, but then again who is. They’re all train wrecks, and typically denise even each other.

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