Dutton’s deportees

Criminals facing deportation from Australia after losing visas

Child sex offenders and murderers were among hundreds of criminals who had their visas revoked last year under laws that require non-citizens sentenced to 12 months or more to lose them. The majority of the group of 800 — about 500 people — had been sentenced for violent crimes.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton previously said among people whose visas were cancelled last year were ‘some pretty nasty characters’.

Among them were bikie Jim Thacker, who was involved in a Gold Coast brawl, and Rebels motorcycle gang boss Aaron ‘AJ’ Graham, whose visa was revoked on character grounds.

Daniel Maxwell, was an accomplice in Brisbane teenager Cole Miller’s one punch attack death, was caught up in a bureaucratic bungle in August last year when he was released on an 18-month suspended jail term.

WA bikie Kevin Michael Lawrence, who migrated from the UK in the 1960s but never became an Australian citizen, last year had his visa cancelled while he was visiting Thailand.

The group of 800 included 100 people involved in child sex offences or child exploitation, 53 people involved in domestic violence, 34 involved in sexual offences and 13 murderers.

Source: News.com.au

Yesterday, Paul Keating shown here at the ‘Bury the hatchet’ charade, today suggested that voters should ‘drive a stake’ into ‘Dutton’s Dark heart’, see “Keating’s ‘death stake’ for Dutton”

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  1. We stand for your caring soft heart Peter as you are concerned and care for every Australian and all you are trying to do is keep Australians safe from evil men who seek to harm innocent people!

  2. Labor feel comfortable and consider they are among like minded company with the sicko criminals. I believe a couple of them (like Billy Boy) have been accused of Rape and others part of a long running underground group involved with the mistreatment of children…nudge, nudge….wink, wink…say no more. Labor need and rely upon the criminals and in the case of the criminal islamics their large families and friend networks for votes.

  3. I can hardly believe what I just read! In my view, Peter Dutton has done EXACTLY what should have been done and praised for it. Australia being better off for it.
    Paul Keating is as Evil as one can get, yet HE is being applauded by his mates Gillard and Rudd

  4. I support Peter Dutton. Strong decent and abused and hated by the Left. It is his job to keep Australia safe. So why the hell are all the pinkos up in arms about him doing his job. Make Sure when you Vote put Labor Last and the Greens second to last. I will Vote Luke Howarth in the next electorate to Petter Dutton. Remember folks it is up to you to stop the vile ALP. Careful
    how you vote.

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