Death taxes – Is Shorten Believe-a-Bill?

“From a pure economic rationalist perspective … what is often not recognised is that inheritance taxes are also an efficient form of revenue raising” – Andrew Leigh, New Matilda, 7 March 2006

“All things being equal, surely people would prefer to be taxed when they were dead than when they’re alive” – Ben Oquist, The Australia Institute, February 2016

“An inheritance tax on the wealthiest estates can restore fairness to our tax system and ensure the very wealth and big business pay tax” – ACTU, July 2018

ACTU Policy

12. Congress believes that consideration should be given to taxing inheritances in the hands of the beneficiary. A lifetime threshold could be made available to the taxpayer with tax payable once cumulative inheritances exceeded the threshold.

63. Congress recognises the need to consider tax policy areas in detail, including, in addition to those addressed in this Policy, wealth and inheritance tax, the taxation treatment of dividend imputation and franking credits, and measures to fund public infrastructures land tax and carbon pricing.


‘It is a lie’: Bill Shorten

Shorten says his opponents should be ashamed for mounting a scare campaign about a tax on inheritances.

Source: SMH

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