“Just seven points now separate Shorten from Morrison”

“Shorten has also closed the gap on Scott Morrison in the ‘better prime minister’ stakes, the Australian reports on Monday. Just seven points now separate the pair”

Source: The Guardian

We wondered why there were only 7 points and easily came up with these seven points:

  1. Lying: Shorten lies as easily as breathing, like when he claimed he had never met a Labor candidate who claimed that “the world was being run by a society of Jewish shapeshifting lizards”. See alp.news, 3 May
  2. Hypocrisy
  3. Class war
  4. Unfairness
  5. Bullying: Ask Bob Kernohan
  6. Unbelievability: See #1
  7. Innumeracy: BS has been asked DOZENS of TIMES to cost his renewables policy. He has censored people asking, evaded the question or simply ignored it. Labor’s costings, released on Friday don’t factor in the welfare cost of an estimated 506,000 job losses nor the loss of income tax revenue.

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