Bowen not qualified to be Treasurer: unfamiliar with ‘what if’ analysis

According to the ABC:

“Scott Morrison expressed interest in overhauling negative gearing, according to official documents”


The Morrison Government’s opposition to the ALP’s housing tax plan is central to its re-election pitch.

But Mr Morrison did not appear to oppose changes to housing taxation early in his time as treasurer, according to ‘sensitive’ government documents.

Sensitive according to who?

Obtained under freedom of information laws, a senior NSW Treasury official in October 2015 wrote: ‘The Commonwealth appears more willing to consider broader tax reform’.

‘The Commonwealth Treasurer has indicated that all options need to be considered, including superannuation, capital gains tax and negative gearing’.

There you have it, an open mind, willing to look at different option.

Then after implying a conspiracy, with words like ‘sensitive’ and implying that the information needed to be prised from the government with an FOI request, they build on their stupid case by quoting Labor’s lying wannabe-Treasurer:

“He knows negative gearing needs reform,” Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen said.

“The Liberals know that something needs to change but they’ve chosen instead to run a cheap, shrill scare campaign.”

The lie is complete!

Source: ABC News

Just imagine how he will lie when he becomes Treasurer.

The REAL story here is that Morrison considered doing ‘something’ about negative gearing and DECIDED AGAINST IT.

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