Why does Shorten have a problem with women?

Gillard buries hatchet to back Shorten

A Newspoll analysis shows women like Scott Morrison more … with one in two female voters dissatisfied with the Shorten.

Labor strategist Bruce Hawker said it was hoped [that] Gillard’s endorsement of Mr Shorten would help to improve his standing with female voters.

Source: The Australian

Maybe it has something to do with the company he keeps:

Federal election 2019: more of Luke Creasey’s Facebook posts emerge

ALP candidate, Luke Creasey was forced to resign as posts emerged showing he joked online about child abuse, watching his female friend have sex with multiple people and about her wanting someone to ‘roughly take her virginity’.

Earlier, Labor leader Bill Shorten DEFENDED Mr Creasey over his posts from 2012, before declaring he would review the 27-year-old’s position.

Source: The Australian

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