Bury the hatchet? In WHOM?

Old foes bury the hatchet…

Rod Tiffen, from Sydney University, said that it had taken the two former PMs nearly THREE DECADES to overcome their bad blood [which] ‘shows how deeply personal the antipathy ran’…

[And] while they have appeared together at Labor election campaign launches, they have not spoken [but] ‘They now want to highlight that they are more united than divided’, said Mr Tiffen.

Keating appeared at the launch with Rudd and Gillard, another pair who have had to grapple with personal bitterness in the years since Gillard ‘successfully challenged’ Mr Rudd for the prime ministership in 2010.

Source: The Canberra Times

Former PMs bury the hatchet in show of unity at Labor campaign launch

Picture: The Guardian

Gillard hasn’t smiled like that since her ‘First Bloke’ said you need a ‘small, female Asian doctor’ to perform a prostate examination.

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