Bill Shorten fails to answer the easiest question ever…

Bill Shorten on Q&A…

Q. Can you give a frank and candid answer as to why you have proved to be so unpopular with the Australian public?

“They said when I was the Opposition Leader against Abbott that he was unbeatable. I remember the headlines. ‘Tony Abbott was going to be there for three terms’. I outlasted him. And Malcolm Turnbull … he’s probably watching this from New York, isn’t he?

Source: The Weekly Times, Q&A

That was followed by a difficult question, which he didn’t answer either…

Q. In 2016 you said Mr Trump was incredibly unsuitable to be leader of the free world. ‘Is that still your view towards Mr Trump and how do you suppose you would further the relationship with Mr Trump (having said) that he was, “Barking mad”?


Shorten said it was ‘a very good question’

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