The Fin Review can do better than this!

The Financial Review is ostensibly a business publication – that’s why this story borders on the bizarre:

“Bill Shorten confirms Newstart will increase under Labor”

Really? When and where did he confirm that Newstart will increase?

The text of the article reads:

“Labor leader Bill Shorten has ‘all but guaranteed‘ [that] Labor will increase the Newstart allowance if elected”.



Some reality checks!

  1. Shorten said that Labor will “review” Newstart.
  2. ‘All but guaranteed’ means ‘nothing guaranteed’.
  3. Has any journalist actually challenged Shorten to commit to what he is reported to have ‘confirmed’?

We really on professional journalists to ‘keep the bastards’ honest.

This article is a disappointment. The AFR can do better than this.


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