Shorten’s defends his uncosted tax-grab with a stupid argument

Bill Shorten says franking credit recipients ‘already’ on public purse – based on the example of ONE retired carpenter.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has ‘hit back’ at claims Labor’s changes to franking credits will push self-sufficient retirees onto the pension, saying those who benefited from the existing regime were ‘already’ receiving a gift from taxpayers.

‘Hit back’?
His argument would only appeal to a moron.

Shorten was also asked if his reforms would result inĀ 83-year-old retired carpenter Chris Phillips, who featured in an earlier story, ending up ‘on the public purse’.

‘He already is, and this is the real heart of the issue’, Mr Shorten replied.

‘When you get an income tax credit when you haven’t paid income tax, it’s a gift from the Government. You’re already on the public purse’.

Source: ABC News

The example of ONE person doesn’t determine the general rule.

Shorten hasn’t costed the fact that many of these self-funded retirees will be forced to draw on the Age pension.

Like his other policies it hasn’t been costed and hasn’t been thought through – and now his logic, of assuming that a particular case sets the patter for the general case shows the logic of an imbecile.

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