Labor’s Brain Surgeon says we should find another planet

What else can you conclude?

John Alexander’s climate change advice to Fijians

Peter Hannam from the SMH, claims that John Alexander commented that:

Australia’s climate policy priority in the Pacific should be helping people ‘move to higher ground’ rather than curbing coal.

Hannam claims that Alexander said this in response to Fiji’s PM Bainimarama asking Australia to ‘please stop burning coal’.


Brian Owler, Labor’s Brain surgeon candidate for Bennelong questioned whether his Liberal rival accepted climate science.

‘He says if the house is on fire to get out’, Mr Owler said. ‘Well, we don’t have a second house – or planet – to run to. It would be better if we didn’t start the fire in the first place’.

Source: SMH

Labor uses the word ‘science’ a lot. Mr Owler seems to be ignorant of the Chief Scientist’s advice, viz:

The Chief scientist of Australia says that NO MATTER WHAT Australia does to reduce its emissions, [it] would not make one iota of difference to global temperatures.

It follows that Mr Alexander is correct. If the sea level is going to rise, the sea level is going to rise. Ceasing to burn coal and destroying the economy won’t make one iota of difference.

In fact, if Labor destroys the economy through their stupid “45% Renewables” policy then we won’t be able to help Fiji – we will need foreign aid ourselves.

If Owler and Shorten are elected, Australians will probably be safer moving to Fiji.

Pensioners, self-employed small business owners, anyone associated with the “top-end of town” (except Bill’s mates, ie) and Chinese people with PhDs should all think about moving to Fiji – because (just quietly), the sea level ain’t gonna rise.

There was a wise old Owler,
Who once lived in an oak.
But then he joined the Labor party,
And thus he became a joke…

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