Is it a Bird? … Is it a Plane? … Noooo … It’s Superdud!

Mr Rudd waving to admirers. Picture: AAP via The Australian

Mr KRudd obviously has a problem with shaving…

Rudd [attempts to] rally Labor’s lost Chinese voters

Labor has unleashed Kevin Rudd into marginal seats to win back Mandarin-speaking voters who deserted the party following former NSW leader Michael Daley’s disastrous anti-Chinese gaffe.

Source: The Australian


Labor’s Michael Daley claims ‘Asians with PhDs’ taking young people’s jobs

“Our young children will flee and who are they being replaced with? They are being replaced by young people from typically Asia with PhDs”, said Michael Daley – see video

Source: SMH

Lee Lin Chin had the best answer for Labor’s NSW Leader:

Lee Lin Chin fires back at Michael Daley

‘Don’t worry Michael Daley, I stole an Australian newsreaders job without a PhD’


Daley’s ‘apology’:

Michael Daley ‘apologises’

Daley ‘apologised’ and saying, “I could have expressed myself better” and “I could have chosen better words, there’s no doubt about that. No offence was meant, and I hope none has been taken”.

[But] Tim Soutphommasane criticised Mr Daley’s statement, saying ‘You should say you’re sorry, you should apologise’ [and] “It’s not necessary to add qualifiers along the lines of ‘if certain people were offended'”.

Source: ABC News

Comment: That isn’t an apology, it is a denial. ‘If’ people were offended? Of course they were! Look at the election result.

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