Extremism rears it’s head as Greens start pulling the strings

Greens stir Gillard ghosts in call for climate coalition

Di Natale says: “So I say to Labor, don’t follow the take-it-or-leave-it approach of Kevin Rudd in 2009, but let us work together, just like we did with Julia Gillard in 2011, to deliver a climate policy that gives future generations a chance”. Under Gillard, Labor closed a deal with then Greens leader Bob Brown in 2010 to form minority government, after agreeing to a host of demands from the minor party, including the ­establishment of a ‘climate change’ committee, which delivered the unpopular carbon tax, …

Source: The Australian

Di Natale’s climate pitch to Labor comes amid increasing scrutiny on Mr Shorten’s target to reduce emissions by 45 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030. Shorten admitted*** during the first leaders’ debate that it was not possible to give a costing.

Opposition energy and climate change spokesman Mark Butler said yesterday it was impossible to cost the policy because Labor was not putting a direct carbon price on businesses.

*** Half a dozen people HAVE calculated the cost, so Shorten’s admission amounts to financial incompetence on the part of the Labor party. Even Gillard obtained an estimate that carbon tax would destroy 40% of the Aluminium industry (but she went ahead anyway).

Shorten has insisted it would have the ‘same economic impact’ as the Liberals’ 26 per cent emissions reduction target.

Shorten’s ‘confirmation’ (claim) that the impact of 26% would have the same impact as 45% shows conclusively that he has a low FQ and is financially incompetent.

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