Albanese and the ‘rape joke’ candidate

Labor leader Anthony Albanese forced to reject romance rumours “Newly elected Labor leader Anthony Albanese …” Whoah! Let’s start that again – he wasn’t elected. “Newly appointed Labor leader Anthony Albanese says he’s ‘just mates, nothing more’ with a party official. He quashed rumours [attempted to, anyway][that] he had ‘stepped out’ with a new woman […]

Quotas: Does Labor never learn from their mistakes?

Kristina Keneally frontbench position set to spark Labor factional brawl There are concerns within the party that Labor could have fewer women on its frontbench than the Coalition given the [Labor] right’s failure to elevate female MPs to the ministry. On Monday, Albanese was asked if the party’s new Senate team would comprise two women […]

3,200,000 Suspects in Victoria

‘This is about men’s behaviour’ says Melbourne Police Assistant Commissioner Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius says Melbourne is a safe city but attitudes against women needed to change. Mr Cornelius comments come in response to questions from reporters over the death of Courtney Herron in a Melbourne park on the weekend. A 27-year-old homeless man has […]

Labor’s secret plan to deny access to Uluru

Labor’s secret plan to ban tourists from climbing Uluru Garrett [says that claims that he has a] secret Uluru plan [are] ‘preposterous’ July 2009: Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has dismissed as ‘preposterous’ Opposition claims he has a secret plan to ban tourists climbing Uluru. … A 10-year draft plan for the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National […]

Albanese, ‘The American President’

Australia Day, 2012: D’oh! Albanese embarrassed, plagiarising film president Anthony Albanese, talking about Tony Abbott: “He is only interested in two things: making Australians afraid of it and telling them who’s to blame for it”. Michael Douglas in ‘The American President’: “He is interested in two things and two things only: making you afraid of […]

Lesson for Labor: “Thou shalt not ignore”

Bowen: ‘religious people being left behind’ In western Sydney, there were sizeable swings against Labor in traditionally safe Labor seats from electorates that also saw a high No votes in the marriage equality plebiscite. Bowen made comments about religious people being ‘left behind’. He said: “People of faith no longer feel that progressive politics cares […]

Everything’s clear to Bowen, except reality.

Bowen claims majority support in the caucus It isn’t clear who he was referring to as… Labor figures from both the left and right factions who rushed to declare their support for Mr Albanese on Wednesday included Senator Wong, health spokeswoman Catherine King, Andrew Giles, Pat Conroy, Tony Burke, Senator Keneally and Terri Butler. The […]