Roll the Labor dice, get ones every time…

Shorten the shucker warns against ‘tosser’

Mr Shorten urged voters not to roll the dice on Clive Palmer next month.

Better to throw the dice and maybe get a six than to vote Labor and be certain of getting only ones!

He is not denying Labor officials have met with Mr Palmer to discuss trading vote preferences. But he says Labor will not agree to a swap while the tycoon’s sacked workers are still owed money. ‘If there have been conversations to find out what Mr Palmer is up to, well, that is as it is’, he told reporters, ‘But no deals from Labor’.

Message to anyone meeting with Bill Shorten and Labor: The meeting won’t be in good faith, they are just there ‘to find out what you are up to’. Count your fingers after you shake hands.

Mr Shorten claimed the prime minister had revealed his poker face by inking a similar pact. ‘Mr Morrison has shown his hand – a vote for Scott Morrison is a vote for Clive Palmer and Pauline Hanson’.

‘There’s an old saying, and I think that Mr Morrison is going to learn the truth, if you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas’.

Maybe, but if you lie down with rotten Greens you might get up with a rotten economy.

Labor’s Anthony Albanese launched a full-throated attack against the ‘tosser’ who could play kingmaker in Queensland next month.

‘Scott Morrison had a choice between standing up for ripped off workers or sucking up to a tosser who ripped them off and he chose the tosser – he chose Clive Palmer’, Mr Albanese said.

This same ‘dog’ sought a meeting with Palmer to discuss preferences. Did it do anything for the workers? Who is the tosser?


Shorten called a prick, but mistaken for Morrison

‘Well he’s better than bloody Bill Shorten, he’s a prick’, one angry voter yelled. But it turns out, the woman had mixed Mr Shorten with Prime Minister Scott Morrison. ‘I mean, ahh, no what’s his name?’ the woman said. ‘Not you, Scott Morrison’.

Source: The West Australian

Either the other guy is a prick and he’s better than Shorten or Shorten is the prick – take your pick.

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