Is Billy a bully?

Shorten called a ‘prick’, but ‘mistaken’ for Morrison

[In Hobart,] Bill Shorten was confronted by an angry voter. ‘Well he’s better than bloody Bill Shorten, he’s a prick‘, one angry voter yelled. But it turns out, the woman had mixed Mr Shorten with Prime Minister Scott Morrison. ‘I mean, ahh, no what’s his name?’ the woman said. ‘Not you, Scott Morrison’.

Source: The West Australian

There could be a number of possible interpretations here:

  1. “Bill Shorten, he’s a prick”, is saying that Shorten is a ‘prick’.
  2. She is saying that the unnamed person, who is “better than Bill Shorten”, is a ‘prick’.

Why would anyone say someone (‘he’) is better and THEN say that someone (‘he’) is a ‘prick’???

We don’t know what prompted the woman’s comment but we can guess that the woman was having a discussion with someone else in the crowd, who commented about ‘Scott Morrison’, prompting the woman to respond: “Well he’s better than bloody Bill Shorten”. Presumably she was challenged, by more unidentified persons and backtracked by saying ‘I mean, ahh, no what’s his name?’.

Why would the woman say the ‘prick’ is better???

If you go with explanation #2, then she’s saying that Bill Shorten is worse than a ‘prick’. Logical.

Shorten revealed his true character in his response:

Shorten the shucker warns against ‘tosser’

Mr Shorten got a rude shock when he was stopped in his tracks by a punter who called him a “prick”. But all was forgiven when the woman admitted she had mistaken him for Scott Morrison.

Source: The Canberra Times

Comment: A true leader would NOT have forgiven the woman for her foul-mouthed description of his opponent. Unless, that is, Shorten was well aware that she was referring to himself in the first place and she had been intimidated into changing her story.

With this ex-union bully-boy in charge, is this the future we can expect for Australia?

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