Plibersek lying again

Shorten and his Deputy, Plibersek, tried to convince voters in Darwin and Alice Springs that the past two terms of Coalition Government had seen rampant financial mismanagement on a federal level.

Here is why Plibersek says, “on a federal level”:
“Northern Territory Government in financial crisis, will seek bailout from Canberra”

The Territory’s net debt has escalated from $1.7 billion in 2016 — when Labor was elected — to around $3 billion this year.

In 2018-19, the Territory is forecast to spend $4 million a day more than the revenue it collects and is borrowing to meet the shortfall.

The Territory’s net debt is projected to increase tenfold from $3 billion in 2017-18 to $35.7 billion by 2029-30.

“There is currently no concrete plan to fix the issues”.

“The deterioration in the Territory’s operating balance from 2016-17, has placed the NT in the unsustainable position of needing to borrow to pay for recurrent activities and interest expenses”

Deputy Opposition leader Lia Finocchiaro called the financial crisis an indictment on Labor’s “economic mismanagement” and said asking for solutions from the public showed poor leadership

Source – ABC News

Summary: A typical case of Labor’s financial management, e.g. “Borrowing to pay for recurrent and interest expenses”.

At a Federal level, the AFR called this:

“Wayne Swan’s temporary budget deficit that came to stay”

Yet these Labor monkeys are seeking help from the “rampant financial mismanagers”, aka the government at the “federal level”, the very same government which has just budgeted for the surplus which Swan failed to deliver.

Swan announces surplus…
“The 4 years of surpluses O announce tonight…”

Does anyone take Plibersek seriously?

She continues:

‘I think it’s really dishonest of Scott Morrison to talk about how he’s helping the Territory … I don’t think Territorians buy it’, Plibersek said. ‘He’s cutting funding to schools and hospitals so he can give bigger tax breaks to multinational companies and people who are already wealthy. That’s what his idea of managing the economy is’

Source: ABC News

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