Who is Labor’s dumbest blonde?

Tanya Plibersek, in a Radio interview with Alan Jones

JONES: …what is causing climate change, is it carbon dioxide?
PLIBERSEK: Yes. Carbon dioxide pollution is a major contributor to –
[Jones interrupts]
JONES: OK, so can I ask you, this is not a trick question, what percentage of the earth’s air is carbon dioxide?
PLIBERSEK: Oh I don’t know, I don’t know off the top of my head.

Source: Tanya Plibersek, 2GB.com


What Does Off the Top of My Head Mean?

Definition: Extemporaneously; in an impromptu manner; without having precise knowledge or without careful thought.

People often use this before listing several of their ideas that they think of first.

This is the Deputy leader of a party which is about to subject Australia to taxes and other costs costing HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars and she can’t say what percentage of the earth’s atmosphere is what she calls a ‘major contributor’ to so-called ‘Climate Change’.

JONES: …but Tanya, if you don’t know why are we standing the economy on its head to address the issue? And the percentage of the earth’s air that is carbon dioxide is 0.04 per cent. Now of the 0.04 per cent, how much is contributed by human beings?

PLIBERSEK: Alan, all I know is that every serious scientist in the world-
[interrupted by Jones]
JONES: No, not everyone I talk to.

Tanya Plibersek on 2GB in August 2011

Plibersek: I’M not sure I was making a particular point about the Central Coast.

Fordham: Can I tell you what you said? You said: ‘The science shows us that the Central Coast faces the highest risk of inundation from sea level rise in NSW’.

Plibersek: Yeah. I don’t recall saying those exact words.

Fordham: You’re not sure you said that?

Plibersek: I was certainly up there and I was certainly concerned.

Fordham: But is there any evidence that the Central Coast faces the highest risk in NSW?

Plibersek: The mayor thinks so.

Source: The Australian

She can’t remember what she said but she agrees with scientists, but who told her? The Mayor.

In July 2011, she predicted that the Central Coast faced ‘inundation’ from sea level rises:

“Central Coast faces worst sea level rises in NSW”

Tanya Plibersek, then Minister for Human Services and Social Inclusion, talking to seniors at the Peninsula Community Centre:
“The science shows us that the Central Coast faces the highest risk of inundation from sea level rise in NSW”.

Source: The Generator

Original URL: http://express-advocate-gosford.whereilive.com.au/news/story/central-coast-faces-worst-sea-level-rises-in-nsw/

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