Backflip Bill

In 2005, Backflip Bill as national secretary of the AWU proposed to slash the top income tax rate, to abolish the tax-free threshold and create three tax rates of 10% for those earning less than $50,000, 20% up to $100,000 and 30% over that.
Source: Menzies Research Centre

13 years later, as Labor leader he was criticising Turnbull for similar tax cuts, LYING about expenditure cuts and MISLEADING by failing to mention the GST rebalance.

Bill Shorten, Fremantle May 2018

“Actually the more you think about it, it makes you really angry that the Turnbull Government is going to see patients suffer because of cuts to hospitals just so he can find the money to reward the big end of town, multinationals and big banks. I couldn’t be any more determined to stop Mr Turnbull’s sneaky budget of cuts to schools and hospitals. He knows West Australians are on to the sneaky cuts that are in the budget. This by-election in the west would be a referendum, do you want to see the big banks get more money or do you want to see the cuts from the government reversed to West Australia’s hospitals.


Fact: An ABC Fact check in June 2017, found that Labor’s claims of cuts to education and health were misleading.

If Bill Shorten was a businessman, he’d probably be fined for deceptive & misleading conduct.

Fact: The Coalition restored fairness to the GST system by implementing a floor on GST of 70c, where WA was previously receiving on 30c in the dollar. This is worth $4.5b to WA over 3 years. Source:

If Bill Shorten doesn’t understand that restoring “fairness” to the GST system means that WA will be able to pay for it’s own health services, then he’s an idiot. If he does understand, then he’s a liar.

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  1. Backflipping on her previous opposition to turning back asylum-seeker boats, Ms Plibersek confirmed she would back Bill Shorten s policy ahead of next week’s ALP national conference. 

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