Burke rubbishes a solution, stifles debate and misrepresents – all in one breath!

Labor’s environment spokesman Tony Burke took the chance to remind Mr Morrison nuclear power is against the law. ‘It is extraordinary that Scott Morrison is now contemplating changing the law to allow nuclear power stations in Australia’, he said.

Well duh! He must be the first politician who fails to understand that the job of politicians is to change the law.

Mr Burke said Jervis Bay, Townsville, Bribie Island and Mackay have all been flagged as locations for nuclear power. “Where is Morrison proposing to put his nuclear power plants? Which coastal community is under threat?”

Morrison said absolutely NOTHING about the location of any nuclear plants. All he said was that the government would NOT subsidise them.

Source: Brinkwire

Tony Burke is the genius who signed the Murray Darling Basin Plan into law in 2012, saying that the final plan contained everything that he asked for.

Look what a mess that turned out to be!

Murray-Darling Basin Plan signed into law at last

Federal Water Minister Tony Burke signed the Basin Plan into law today[Nov 2012], less than 24 hours after receiving the latest draft from the Murray-Darling Basin Authority. In the end, there were no surprises: the final plan contained everything that Mr Burke asked the Authority to include when he sent it his final changes at the beginning of November.

Source: ABC Rural – ABC News

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