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Billy Vunipola: Saracens warn England forward about future conduct

England forward Vunipola liked the post by Folau and called for people to “live their lives how God intended”.

The Saracens issued a statement, saying: “The player has been formally warned about his future conduct”.

“At Saracens, we are one family, open to all, with the firm view that everyone should be treated equally with respect and humility”.

Except Christians.

We recognise the complexity of different belief systems and understand Billy’s intention was to express the word of God rather than cause offence”.

So why issue the warning….?

“However, he made a serious error of judgement in publicly sharing his opinion, which is inconsistent with the values of the club and contravenes his contractual obligations”.

…unless the intent is to muzzle his free speech?

Source: BBC Sport

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