Why nobody should be offended by Israel Folau

Here are five reasons nobody should be offended by Israel Folau and nothing should be done about his comments:

  1. Hell is not a real place. Being offended by the idea that you are destined for an imaginary land is daft. No matter who the target of this type of warning – there are no real-world consequences for them.
  2. Israel is a rugby player, a bloody great one at that. He’s not a priest, a politician or a policeman. He is not elected to represent our views. He’s just good at footy and shouldn’t be held up as a saint whose opinions, preferences and off-field behaviour are to be modelled.
    [Ed. If he talks about rugby, THEN sit up and take notice]
  3. You don’t have to listen to him. Isn’t that the great thing about the internet and social media? You can block him. Outrage over!
  4. It’s not hate speech because it does not incite violence. Also, refer to point one above.
  5. Some say Israel Folau’s views influence the impressionable minds of young people. Well, they shouldn’t. It’s a parent’s job to help their kids think for themselves and think critically. They should challenge and ponder the views of those they might look up to as ‘role models’ because not everyone is perfect. Everybody, from politicians to policemen to rugby players can say and do stupid shit. Young people should be able to discern between a good person and a bad comment.
    [Ed. See #2, he’s a role model as a rugby player, he’s not a priest]

To the bosses of the paddock man who’s really good at his job, please don’t fire him.

Source: Ryan Bridge on Newshub


Decide whether or not you are a believer and whether you think Heaven and Hell exist:

  1. You are a believer: You accept that Hell exists and therefore take the quotation seriously and will not be offended. 
  2. You don’t believe but you are offended:
    How can you be offended by hell if it doesn’t exist?

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