Labor ‘plan’ to end casualisation caused by … Labor

Labor MPs have a ‘plan’ to ‘crackdown’ on work ‘casualisation’ across the nation. The election ‘plan’ was been revealed by Corio MP Richard Marles, Relations Brendan O’Connor and Corangamite candidate Libby Coker.

When Labor talks about a ‘plan’, they mean an aspiration or goal – they seldom have any idea of the concrete steps to be taken or the cost. The NBN is a classic example – a ‘plan’ written on a coaster.

If they gain office, Labor have promised to better regulate Australia’s ‘gig economy’, restore weekend penalty rates and ensure labour hire workers are paid the same amount as directly employed staff.

The ‘gig’ economy is BY DEFINITION the creation of temporary positions, so ‘regulate the gig economy’ is code for kill off the ‘gig’ economy.

“A decade ago we had Ford and Alcoa employing people in a permanent way…1000 people each…now we’re seeing those permanent jobs replaced with…casual work”.

Julia Gillard killed off half the Aluminium industry with Carbon tax and the unions killed the auto industry by demanding excessively high wages.

Source: Bay 93.9 Geelong


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