King whinges about Budget but Country Victoria produces the goods

Federal Member for Ballarat, Catherine King, said vital projects in the Moorabool region, deserved federal attention. ‘None of these important projects have been considered worthy of funding by the Morrison Liberal government’, Ms King said. ‘Indeed, the only mention of Ballarat in the budget papers is $10 million for the Ballarat to Ouyen corridor’. ‘This hardly meets the needs of our growing region’. ‘In contrast, Liberal-held and marginal seats around us received far more attention with billions going to the Geelong region and the hundreds of millions to the electorate of Wannon’.

Source: Star Weekly

4 April – “A spokesman for Urban Infrastructure Minister Alan Tudge said more than $9.8 billion had been committed for Victoria from 2019-20 to 2022-23, ‘making Victoria’s share of overall infrastructure investment 26.3% over the forward estimates and 29.7% over the decade relative to its population share of 26.1%“.

Source: The Courier

We should question whether Victoria’s share of spending should depend SOLELY on population.

Does Victoria earn it’s keep?

% Share of Australian trade
Victorian Exports & Imports, %Share of Australian trade:

  • Exports:
    • Goods: 9.3%
    • Services: 26.1%
    • Total: 12.8%
  • Imports:
    • Goods: 27.6%
    • Services: 24.3%
    • Total: 26.8%

Source: DFAT

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