Labor Clown claims “Budget unravelling” over a change of 0.02%

Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen moved to suspend standing orders in Parliament on Wednesday, accusing the government of changing its budget at a cost of $80 million. ‘The government’s budget is unravelling less than 24 hours after it was delivered’, he told the chamber.

Source: SBS

The Budgeted revenue is just short of $500b, with a surplus of $7.1b.

The change of $80m (or $0.08b) amounts to just 0.02% of the revenue.

Either Bowen is indulging in ‘hyperbowl’ or he hasn’t worked out the diffrence between ‘billions’ and ‘millions’, like his predecessor.

Wayne Swan averaged shortfalls of $40b per annum or $109m PER DAY.

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