Husic calls for ban on Muslim migration ‘hate speech’

Labor frontbencher Ed Husic said there were also questions to answer about allowing ‘extreme’ views to be vented on television, such as those who call for a ban on Muslim migrants and equate all Muslims with terrorism. ‘Why is it that extremists are given platforms to be able to put that type of commentary out there and nothing happens about it?’, Mr Husic told Sky News on Monday. ‘This is not helping. We have a big challenge ahead of us to try to now look at what is actually promoting this sort of hate speech in the public space’.

Source: Infosurhoy

So by Husic’s standard, One Nation’s immigration policy is ‘hate speech’.


One Nation’s Immigration policy(extract):

We believe Australia has the right to choose the number and mix of migrants to ensure immigration is in the national interest of existing citizens because the interests of existing citizens come first.

Our Constitution prevents us from asking the religion of those who seek to migrate to Australia, but equally, we cannot ignore first, second and third generation migrants who violently reject Australia’s democratic values and institutions in the name of radical Islam. Until we can find a solution to this problem, we believe in a Travel Ban (similar to the Trump administration in the United States) on countries that are known sources of radicalism coming into Australia.


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