Hewson says ‘Abbott should lose his seat’

Mr Hewson said Australia is trailing behind the rest of the world when it comes to electric vehicles & needed an Australian-built EV industry. “There is an inevitability in our transition away from petrol*** vehicles & we’re finally seeing it happen”, Mr Hewson said.

While Mr Hewson did not officially campaign for Ms Steggall at the event, he did support her tilt against the federal member for the seat of Warringah, Tony Abbott. ‘Mr Abbott should lose his seat’, Mr Hewson said.

Source: SMH

So if he is not campaigning *for* Steggall but he is campaigning *against* Abbott, then who is he campaigning for? Gaia? Renewables? Labor?

It wasn’t reported whether Hewson had declared his interest in ‘Renewables’ investments.

*** Well duh! Australia’s last petrol vehicle was manufactured in 2017.

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  1. Under the U.N. H.R.C. everyone is entitled to freedom of opinion and expression. Expressing your opinion or criticism is not hate speech or Racism. You are all self serving hypocrites spewing hate speech and racist remarks against White Australians and Australia. If you cannot represent the silent majority which is what you are paid for then you should not be in politics.

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