Bowen sets a date for destructive policy:  New Year 2020

Bowen told ABC Radio that 1 January 2020 was a ‘sensible start date’. He warned crossbench parties to respect Labor’s mandate because by that stage Labor will [would] have taken the housing tax policy to two elections. Bowen suggested that bringing the policy in ‘at a quieter time in the property market over the Christmas period’ would soften its impact.

Labor has stuck with the policies despite falling house prices in Sydney and Melbourne spreading to other capitals due to more restrictive lending practices.

Assistant treasury minister, Zed Seselja, told ABC Radio that Labor[Bowen] was ‘delusional’ to think introducing the measure over Christmas would soften the blow. ‘The problems with this will last for a number of years’.

Bowen is ALREADY backpedalling:

On Friday Labor also announced a new policy to increase tax concessions for build-to-rent schemes to encourage institutional investors into the housing market.

Source: The Guardian

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