Plibersek lying again

Shorten and his Deputy, Plibersek, tried to convince voters in Darwin and Alice Springs that the past two terms of Coalition Government had seen rampant financial mismanagement on a federal level. Here is why Plibersek says, “on a federal level”: “Northern Territory Government in financial crisis, will seek bailout from Canberra” The Territory’s net debt […]

Shorten’s cancer policy is a ‘cruel deception’

“Shorten is claiming that under a Labor government, patients will only need their Medicare card to fight cancer. But Alan Jones called him out, saying the government can’t legally force doctors to accept the Medicare rebate as their total payment. Former CEO of the Health Insurance Association, Russell Schneider says Bill Shorten simply hasn’t done […]

Death Taxes are ACTU policy

12. Congress believes that consideration should be given to taxing inheritances in the hands of the beneficiary. A lifetime threshold could be made available to the taxpayer with tax payable once cumulative inheritances exceeded the threshold. FURTHER POLICY REFORM 63. Congress recognises the need to consider tax policy areas in detail, including, in addition to […]

“Labor has never had any plan for a death tax under my leadership” – Shorten

“Labor has never had any plan for a death tax under my leadership …” “…nor does it have any plan for a death tax” Source: Bill Shorten, 23 April 2019 Comment: Well if they NEVER had a plan then they wouldn’t have one NOW, would they? Bill Shorten interviewed by David Speers: Speers: “Do you think […]

Labor’s stupid ‘plan’ to pipe gas to the east coast because Daniel Andrews banned exploration in Victoria

“Opposition resources spokesman Jason Clare said the ‘plan’ to create a new fund would ‘support Darwin as a manufacturing and gas export powerhouse as well as increasing supply to Queensland and the eastern seaboard to put downward pressure on prices for gas users’. ‘Opening up the Beetaloo alone could provide enough gas to supply the […]

Scott Morrison: “Bill Shorten is the godfather of GetUp”

PM, Scott Morrison commenting on Getup! campaigning against Adani in Queensland: “Bill Shorten is the godfather of GetUp”. “I notice Bill Shorten may be vanishing from their election material, but I tell you what, if you vote for one of Bill Shorten’s candidates he won’t vanish as prime minister.” – The electoral commission doesn’t partake […]