Shorten promises Parents over PhDs

Trying to play down the damage done by Daley, Shorten makes promises on-the-fly which he hasn’t costed.

Bill Shorten has promised [that] a Labor government would make it easier for Chinese immigrants to bring their family to Australia. Shorten made the pledge as he delivered an address to 500 Chinese-speaking voters on a WeChat live online forum. If enacted, his social media promise could mark the biggest change to Australia’s immigration system since 1996, when former Liberal PM John Howard changed the balance from family reunion to skilled migrants.

Source: Daily Mail Online

If this promise is being made to only the Chinese community then he is discriminating against other communities. If he doesn’t want to discriminate then he must plan to prioritise elderly parents over PhDs in ALL communities. He can’t do that without reducing skilled migrants or increasing migration overall, which means MORE skilled migrants and EVEN MORE elderly parents later, more congestion and more welfare and more tax.

On the other hand, maybe he has worked all that out and he is just lying to the Chinese community.

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